Safe and Sound, oil on MDF pieces, size variable.
The abbreviations of 150 UK government organisations that claim to keep us safe from harm.

Rumble, oil on MDF pieces, size variable.
The titles of London’s street gangs – organisations unknown to most people but announced by their tags.

Endz (Struggling Over Contested Territories), acrylic on 34 MDF pieces, each 20x 20 cms
Each piece contains an outline map of an area in London that a gang claims as its territory (end): understood by other gangs but invisible to most people.

Mystery Tour, acrylic on canvas, 120×120 cms.
The texts are collected from walls and pavements around my neighbourhood. To me enigmatic and incomprehensible, they suggest a parallel, unknown world of slogans, orders and messages.

Launch, acrylic on canvas, 80×80 cms
Abbreviations of US defence forces missiles.

Low-down, acrylic on canvas, 90×90 cms
Abbreviations of European internal intelligence organisations.

Oh Christ, acrylic on canvas, 90×90 cms
An overheard expression which might also go through my head as I struggle to make this painting.

God Knows,  acrylic on canvas, 85×85 cms
Another overheard expression which might go through my head as I think about this painting.

Holster, acrylic on MDF + metal, 30x13x4 cms
An ABC of arms manufacturers, here caged and temporarily kept under control.


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