Two visual poems in h&

A new poem – ‘ Drop’ in experiential-experimental-literature.

I have three poems – ‘ABM (All Bout Money)’, ‘Begging Bowls’ and ‘Work Series’ in the new issue of foame:e it’s poetry

Two of my artworks were shown in the MERGE exhibition at the Islington Arts Factory, London in October/November 2017

My poem – ‘Safe & Sound’ in experiential-experimental-literature blogspot

I have two poems – ‘Fair Enough’ and ‘Leavings’ – in the new issue of Futures Trading (5.2) – August 19th, 2017

I have five visual poems in the new issue of Otoliths (#46) – July 31st, 2017

My visual poem ‘Not Thought About’ is the cover image for the new issue (#53) of Streetcake Magazine – July 22nd, 2017

I have two poems, ‘Elephant & Castle’ and ‘Towards the River’ in NORTH OF OXFORD, due out on July 15th, 2017

My story ‘Lessons’ was published in Skelf SITE until May 7th, 2017, now in its archive.

My poem ‘Partition’ was published in the first issue of SALADE, a new French literary magazine.

I have two visual poems in the latest issue of SMALL PO(R)TIONS (#7) online magazine – April, 2017

A series of nine of my visual poems is included in EMPTY MIRROR online literary magazine – June, 2017.

Three of my artworks were shown in the RECLAIM SPACE exhibition at the Off Quay gallery in London in January/February, 2017

My new book Untitled is available from me, along with some of my other titles, also from bookartbookshop, London – and Printed Matter, Inc., NYC –