Retreat, 2016, digital prints mounted on MDF + bamboo sticks, size variable.
The phrases – echoes of the harshness of city streets – contrast with the bright colours and typography of adverts. The work also suggests the aftermath of a demonstration – discarded placards leaning against a wall. 


Dodge, mixed media, size variable.
A mini arms fair. The abbreviated names of a multitude of rifles, pistols and arms manufacturers.


Round the Block – Printed text on paper on MDF. Each piece 10.5×10 cms.
Texts collected from walks around my neighbourhood: overheard snippets of conversations, descriptions of pieces of litter lying around, simple human and animal actions that I’ve noted.


Secret Place – Printed text on prepared paper on MDF. Each piece 15x15cms.
Two-word descriptions of things and places noticed on one walk.


The works below are part of an ongoing project photographing uncherished and unregarded parts of London: rapidly disappearing small shops, alleyways and fly-posted walls. I’ve digitally substituted signs, adverts and directions with new messages or stories: things I noticed or the actions of passers-by or overheard fragments of their conversations or else my own responses to or memories of these places. I’ve reproduced as closely as possible the original fonts, whether printed, sign-painted, handmade or scribbled.

Bridge – Digital print, size variable


Corner – Digital print, size variable


Kids Screaming – Digital print, size variable


A Riposte Raised Up – Digital print, size variable


Intentions Made Clear – Digital print, size variable